O filozofii O praktyce



Movement is the characteristic of nature. Its feature.
In yoga practice we mean to know nature. We mean to know the nature’s very function.
Which is movement – vṛtti.

By moving attentively we invite awareness. We manipulate and pedipulate space, ground and the flesh of ours to cognize nature’s patterns and grow ability to influence it. We grow power in reaching for nature’s fabric, its layers, its knots and eventually its singular threads. Loosening, unhitching, reweaving.

Attentive mode of yoga practice pacifies the senses allowing the mind to perceive clearly. We develop the in-sight.
It enables us to observe and participate in ever happening movement of the matter.  Either recreational or transforming. Upon intent.

All within reach of the concentrated attention. The mind cognizing in such a focused manner runs independent of influences.
It knows not external from internal. It stabilizes in knowing/seeing/feeling whatever is. It does not occupy itself with evaluating
the content. It just evolves when focused.

1.2 yogāḥ cittavṛtti nirodhaḥ


Once the practice of observation through vṛtti is established, the ability to discern develops. The observation field gets augmented.
We perceive so much more… We feel body interdependences, learn what the reliance between action and response is,
how the consequence is being caused, how past stands for the future, how habits come into play with freedom…

We grow integrity and dispassion among different realms and dimensions of our being.
As the nature undulates and shimmers our being rests peaceful. Self governed and self supported.

Stability of mind depends on the ever growing accord. All pieces of the body, body and space, space and the ground come into alignment.
Such accordance creates harmony. Makes us feel good. Makes us content.
All result of the focused, sensitive and willing observation of what is in nature through the very means nature delivers.

II.46 sthira sukham āsanam


Where there is insight there is no effort. No struggle attends the actual cognition. This is why and how our attitude matters.
How the attention is being channeled in āsana critically changes the scope and the quality of our experience.
How the senses are being engaged and how our mind processes makes the difference.
It will decide whether the movement is for the soul or against it; with life or against it.
Will it ease the energy to flow or will it strive to hold on what is by nature impossible to hold onto.
Will it transform or fight to preserve.

The fabric of nature is being weaved at all times. Its pattern cognizable only in weaving.
In becoming it. Wholesomely. Accordingly.

II.47 prayatna śaithilya ananta samāpattibhyam


We progress in yoga when the resistance in life ceases. No struggle.
Withal despair. Withal rapture.
No illusions sustaining attachments/believes.
Nature flows as we flow with it. Or across it, or under it mastering currents and winds.

Put no brakes on the flow.
Waist not energy on needless attempts.

Raise no dams.
Open the feet and the palms.

See and become the nonexistence of whatever “stop” you will in the practice as the practice ever continues.

I.14 sa tu dīrghakāla nairantarya satkāra āsevitaḥ dṛḍhabhūmiḥ


Thoughts of movement in practice
Kraków, 28 października 2018


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